04 May 2012

|| Remember These Leah? ||

I was going through my photobooth on my mac and found these video gems. What a hoot that Leah girl is. She is my bud, my sweetie, my smart and hilarious niece in which I speak of a lot on this here blog of mine. Leah, do you remember making any of these videos? That Clara sure is a cutie too. 

Also, I am rarely infront of the camera so if you want to know what I look like talking and how I sound there ya go! At least that is how I sound and look like in these videos. I talk more in the first video...
Leah is typing a message to Jachen, my fiance at the time, on facebook in that first video and she doesn't know she is being recorded until halfway through when we start making lots of silly faces. 

I love being an aunt. 


kaitlin said...

you're smokin in that first one.
and hah what a gem that is, she is so funny.

joslin said...

these girls are so cute. and seriously your hair in that first video? and everything about it. you look beautiful!