25 April 2012

|| Inside Our Switzy Fridge ||

Well, here is everything you ever wanted to know about what's inside our fridge. Ha! Well technically these aren't the ONLY things ever in our fridge. I love seeing what's inside peoples fridges when I go to their home. Before I was married I worked as an on call nanny and I would go to different homes all the time...different homes...different fridges. I'll tell ya, Seattle homes/people have some interesting fridge contents. I feel like we have a pretty basic fridge here in Switzy...nothing toooo Switzy or European. Most of our contents are from Germany where we shop the majority of our groceries. I am just trying to figure out this whole cooking thing, so I stick to the basics so far...although I wish I knew how to use the more interesting ingredients.

1| Juice we love, the pink for Jachen and the yellow for me.
2| We get this bacon because it's realllly thin, I feel like it's a little more healthy that way.
3| Jachen gets a tub of yogurt to last him a couple weeks and varies the flavor, my new favorite spaghetti sauce. I finally found a spaghetti sauce I like.
4| I buy vegetarian schnitzel's cus I like the flavor.
5| I finally bought some lunch type meat, I am just not a fan of the lunch meat here.
6| Cheese bratwurst.
7| Tortilla shells, super expensive. 4.80francs for 6 shells.
8| Spatzli.
9| Jachen's other yogurt of choice.
10| Sausage.
11| Eggs, carton of hard boiled and raw.
12| I don't love the salad dressings here, I have to make them myself.
13| Sauerkraut and baby corns.
14| Pickles. I MISS dill pickles...so much.
15| We get about 2 bags a carrots a week.
16| Apples, yum.
17| Sometimes I buy lettuce, not as much as I would like. I don't LOVE the salad here, there is something about the taste of lettuce here that I don't like. But this bag is pretty good.
18| Rootbeer!
19| Milk, that's our milk...in a box. We keep our milk in the cupboard until I we use it then we put it in the fridge. It's pretty great.
20| Strawberry jam and tomato juice for when I make cabbage patch soup. And a peek at our cucumber.
21| My yogurt and pudding. Actually that pudding has been in our home since we lived in the house...I should probably eat those.
22| Honey mustard for making my own salad dressing.
23| Mayo in a toothpaste tube.
24| the stuff on the door.
25| Mustard in a tube.
26| Top of the door, yes that is film.
27| Our favorite dried meat sticks...umm can't think of the name.
28| THE best cheese in the world.
29| and look how thin it comes. I wish we could buy cheese in a bigger volume. We just buy multiple bags as you can see in the back of the picture.
30| Cottage cheese. So happy they have good cottage cheese here.
31| Every couple months I buy some chicken nuggets.
32| Turns out we have some mcdonalds ketchup packets in the fridge.
33| Our little freezer usually contains frozen ground beef, frozen chicken, frozen bananas and frozen fruit. Right now it also has my favorite coconut eggs and it did have ben&jerry's in it, but we have eaten it since I took these pics. Ice cream is super expensive here, ben&jerry's in germany is the cheapest and best of course.

Well there you have it.

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