20 February 2012

|| THE Most Delicious Candy EVER ||

I am going to try and not make you jealous, BUT if you like coconut flavor then these candies are for you. These eggs only come out at Easter time and only at the grocery store called Coop. I first discovered them when I was an Aupair here, I think the mom I worked for had bought them. I fell in love. THEN, when we first moved here at the end of April I found a bag even though Easter had just passed. Now, lucky me, Easter is out in the stores already and the other day I picked up a bag of these mouthwatering eggs. They are coated in white chocolate which ordinarily I wouldn't like, but you can't really taste it with these. All you can taste is the most divine, smooth, milky taste of coconut. I am pretty sure it is the most delicious thing I have ever put in my mouth. EVEN better than my favorite Cadbury Mini Eggs that come out at Easter time in the states. I sure could go for some of those though. The only problem is these Cocos eggs are 6.20francs a bag...a bit on the pricey side. Or maybe it's a good thing because then I wouldn't load up on them. However, I am tempted to save a bag in the freezer until my sister and brother in law come in June...we will see. Somebody has got to try them! Jachen won't because he doesn't want ANYTHING to do with coconut. Weirdo. Now, I think I will go eat one.


stephanie said...

YES. please.

kaitlin said...

WAIT so you're telling me that they are coconut flavor but not the grass texture?? you need to send me some! just an egg or two!

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

ya NO texture, just a yummy milky texture that is smooth and melts amazing in your mouth. maybe ill send you a couple...but i think it would be too hard for you because you will not just be able to eat two. If they werent so crazy expensive i would send you a bag.