08 March 2012

|| Such Is Life ||

I am a very clean and orderly person, occasionally messy, but quick to clean up my messes. But, this is what happens when you live in a tiny apt with a tiny kitchen without a dishwasher. This is what happens when you can't wash dishes if you and your husband shower that day because there isn't enough hot water for dishes too. When the sink/kitchen piles up like this, I try not to have a heart attack about it. I always get to it and luckily I don't mind hand washing dishes...no matter how large the pile. And it helps that I always rinse the dish after its used so nothing dries to it otherwise it's so hard to get off...I am actually pretty obsessive about that. All in the picture, but that spaghetti pie dish, is pretty much all rinsed so the cleaning is fast! I miss having a dishwasher...not just so that it will clean my dishes, but also so my sink doesn't have to fill up like this once a week.

I got through 2/3 of these dishes and I ran out of hot water. So lame. Such is life.


Lauren Farmer said...

i totally do the same thing. i dont have a dishwasher in my apartment right now so i have to wash everything by hand. if i dont have time to wash it right after i eat then i alwayssss rinse it off. it makes things easier later. but really i dont mind doing the dishes. haha

noelle said...

Thank you for sharing.. I'm not alone!!!