08 March 2012

|| Song Of The Day//MuteMath ||

If you have noticed I am a true lover of music. I have a deep personal connection between
lyrics, melody and all around how a song makes me feel and the thoughts and memories
associated with a song. There are many who like music, but are not passionate about it. I am
for sure very passionate about it. I am passionate about a lot of things, but music is high on that list.
There are times when I will hear a song and everything I was feeling is in THAT song. Either a
happy or sad song...it just exudes me and my thoughts. Like I said, a personal connection.
It is an amazing and powerful medium that lucky talented artists/musicians get to use. I wish so
much I could write music, not that I have ever really tried, but what a great thing to be able to create
music. I feel really passionate about many musicians and bands...somehow some of them just seem to understand and know me and what I need to hear. Where else can you be so effected and connected
to another's talent and vision? Fine art to some degree, but not like music can. 

Today I have felt particularly sad about something. Not about something that directly effects
me, but something that is going on around me and I just feel pretty ill about it all. This song, In
No Time just put into feeling and words how I am feeling. It really hit me. I know I have talked
 to death about this Mute Math album, but it keeps surprising me. I have heard this song many
times, but today I really felt the true essence of this song. I love that. Sometimes I struggle
explaining my mood and feelings in words, but luckily songs can do that for me. 

A lot that is going on in the world is out of our control and reach, but I feel so strongly that
goodness and truth will always prevail. And to be cheesy...like this song says "we can get it back."
Before today I forgot that there are worse problems than mine. I need to be more grateful for
the really happy and amazing life I have and choose to have. Even if somethings are hard to
deal with and that my friends and family are so far away...there are worse things I could be
struggling with. I think a part of me awakened today. I may not be able to control the things
going on around me, but I can control my own feelings and my own life. I forget this too
 often. I appreciate reality checks.

Also, too further be cheesy...I have to post the lyrics to this song. 
Such simple words, but so what I needed to hear.

Where's your heart gone 
And where's your soul? 
Where did all of your faith Go? 

Where's that old spark a failure stole? 
Well I bet we find it in no time At all 
We find it in no time 
We'll Find it in no time 
We'll find it in no time 
We'll Find it in no time at all 
[ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/m/mute+math/in+no+time_20983436.html ] 
Where's your nerve gone 
And where's your hope? 
Where's that sunrise you've been waiting for? 
Where's that one day you got It all? 
Well I bet we find it in no time at all 
We find it in no time 
We find It in no time 
We'll find it in no time 
We'll find it in no time at all 

When The war starts falling on the world you had 
Just hold tight in no time we 
Can get it back 
When the skies come crashing on the world you had 
Just hold Tight in no time we can get it back 
Oh, oh, We can get it back 
Oh, oh, We can Get it back 
We can get it back (repeat)

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kaitlin said...

oh ya that's a good one, i always forget to listen to the music you post because i just never have time. but golly i need to do it. you have good stuff! duh.