20 March 2012

|| Song{s} Of The Day//For Your Spring ||

Spring is officially here! My early memories of spring are mostly easter related. I remember the candy, lipstick eggs, egg hunts, pastels, the fake easter basket grass, flowers, easter's spent with my dad's side off the family, dying eggs and my moms decorations. I also remember getting a new spring/easter church outfit each year. The last one I remember was a long purple skirt my mom made me when I was in high school. But as an adult I don't have many springtime memories. While I was in college our winters would just go pretty much straight into summer. At least that is how I remember it. I think of spring as the transition between the cold snowy winter, to the warm sunny summer. Lately I have been hearing cute birds chirping as we wake up, the flowers are popping up, it is light out longer and the sun is coming out more often. I am excited to see the earth livening things up these next few weeks. Can you believe April is right around the corner? I can't.

Enjoy a little springtime mix for your lovely spring beginnings. 


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Natalie said...

loving the miniature tigers song!