02 March 2012

|| Society6//Party In The Mountains ||

Guess what?? Yours truly, me, is selling my art prints on Society6! Holla! That's me above, Party In The Mountains. I have been working on loading my art for a couple days now. I have quite a bit up there and I still have more pieces to add. I am not gonna lie, I am prettty pleased with how it all turned out and looks. I am obsessed with how cool all the Iphone and Ipod covers look. So fancy shmancy. Society6 is a pretty great website and am happy to be apart of it. I have been promoting the website since I found out about it and now, I am on it. I hope you follow the link to check out the rest of my art, below are just some of the highlights. I am really happy to have my art out there finally. I have been working on these pieces over the year{and photos from past years} and thanks to Society6 I finally have a place to sell them. If you are new to how Society6 works...each piece comes in a print, framed print, canvas etc etc...listed below are the varities. Pretty cool, I'd say.
Well, what do you think?
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You can find Party In The Mountains, here.


Kyla said...

Oh, these are so beautiful! Congrats on the prints :) I love the simple, abstract theme.

Kyla said...
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Katie said...

MONICA these are the coolest. I wish I had a iphone... bravo!!