03 March 2012

|| Jachen's Style ||

I almost always show women's fashion so I thought I would do another mens fashion post, but I thought this time I would show Jachen's fashion. At first I was just going to find things that I know Jachen would wear and like, but instead I had Jachen choose himself. These are some of the clothing that make up Jachen's style. He is a pretty simple dresser. He has two typical outfits...either a tshirt, jeans, a hoodie and tennis shoes or a plaid shirt with jeans, hoodie and tennis shoes. When I first met him he was anti jeans...but one stop at Gap when he came to visit me in the States and he was sold on jeans. He really likes his tshirts, plaid button down shirts, hoodies, vneck sweaters, and converse shoes. He also likes bow ties, skinny ties, and cardigans. When we were looking for the above images he mentioned that a companion on his mission tried many times to get him to wear a cardigan, but Jachen refused and even when we were first together he refused to dabble into cardigans. Summertime we were shopping at H&M and I showed him a simple grey cardigan and he actually wanted it. I was pleased. For months I wanted him to like Toms shoes, but he just wasn't convinced, but in London he decided on his own he wanted a pair. I never force him to wear anything...I try to persuade him that its okay to wear certain things, but I let him make the final decision. I do like his style, so that is good too. I know his style and what he would like and when I buy him things to wear I always follow his guidelines. I think that is important.
Thanks for helping me with this post Jachen. Clothing sources Gap/Urban/Target

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