23 March 2012

|| Reading List ||

These are the books that are on my current reading list.
Crescendo// the sequel to the GREAT book Hush, Hush. I really need to start reading this sequel.
Mockingjay//I read this series lonnng ago, but I just still haven't finished the last half of Mockingjay.
I know, crazy.
Eldest//the sequel to the amazing Eragon book.
The Hobbit//Jachen read this book recently and now I am itching to read it
The Lord of the Rings//I just really need to read this piece of genius.
Lola and the Boy Next Door//I LOVED Stephanie Perkins book Anna and the French Kiss and I just got to find a copy of this book.
OH and I really want to read the Harry Potter books again. I read the second book and last book this past year and I gotta find the other books in English. Jachen has the sixth book in English and the rest in German...that doesn't really help me.

Sometimes its hard to decide which book to read first, but luckily it's hard to find some of these books here. If the bookstores here have an English section it is usually small so whatever book I can get a hold of first is what I will read. I am really bad at when starting a series sticking to that series until it's done before starting another book...hence I haven't finished Mockingjay yet. I can't wait to get these books in my hands.
Have you read any of these?


Olivia Carter said...

Great list! Can't wait to hear what you think about all of these!

Jennifer said...

i have #1, #2 #4 and #5.
i will have toc heck out 3, and 6.

good choices!!!

i just read crescendo in a day somehow a week or two ago. haha. i need more addicting books. i am on maze runner right now and not feeling it yet. stuck.

Natalie said...

Can all you book reading people PLEASE tell me the secret to finding time to read?? Please! I really dont understand. Are you ignoring your dishes and your children or what? Or are you just staying up mass late? I need to know.