17 April 2011

you're comin' with me

packing day one.
i was very nervous for the start of packing, i was dreading it. i kept putting it off because i just didn't want to face not being able to bring all i want in switzerland and the deciding of what goes and what stays. when i lived in switzerland for 3 months a year ago, i had limited amount of clothes and my things with me. it is always hard living somewhere and not having all of yourself there. finally i got myself to start and it actually turned out pretty enjoyable, i came to the realization that i was going to be able to bring just about everything i would like there. so far i have one suitcase packed and the second almost finished and i have plans for the others. a while back i figured out it would be less expensive to pay for more luggage than to mail boxes. but oh how exciting it will be to have all that luggage on the train when we get into Zurich. of course i will leave a lot here and if things are wanted or needed my parents will mail them or i will pick things up when we come visit. it is such a crazy feeling to be packing for an actual move, yes, i packed for college but this is a very different feeling. i am packing my life here to start my new married life there. how does one pack for that? how does one pack to LIVE in europe?

i love me some fun socks. 

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Olivia Carter said...

Such an exciting adventure! I remember packing up my boxes before getting married to move into our married house. SO WEIRD. But even weirder to move to another country!!! Good luck!