01 February 2012

|| Ta Ta January ||


I am just so glad January is over! Who is with me??
It has been a busy and exhausting month transitioning from the house to the apt and all that entails. We are living our new life and will now be living this life until our Switzerland time is up. It started snowing yesterday, our first real snow since living down here by the lake. We have been spoiled to have our first three weeks living here snow free. I was hoping for a few more weeks before the snow would arrive, but but I guess those clouds had other plans. Today the snow is coming down as well. Yuck. I am always ready for Winter to pass me by, but I look forward to the upcoming months despite the snow. Fresh starts are always good. I look forward to the experiences that are ahead. I can already tell February is going to be a good month. 
I hope it is for you as well.

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