01 February 2012

|| Instagram App ||

The first app I put on my Itouch when I got it back in July was the Instagram app. For those that don't know what the app is...it is an app that takes photos, then you have the option to use one of their vintage filters to add a different lighting effect. Then the image is added to your Instagram photo album, instantly, where others that are following your album can see. Then if I am following someone their photos get alerted to me on a stream of photos. If you want you can either comment on them or "like" them. 

After a few months I stopped using the app to keep photos and just used it to take and use the filters then would delete them off the app. Recently I found out that my sister Stephanie had Instagram. DUH, she HAS an Iphone. Also her husband Rob. Then I found out my brother Jacob and his wife Lisa and Instagram on their Iphones as well. So I have started using the app again. It has been fun seeing images they post and the funny comments exchanged. It is great to see my brother on it because I don't get to hear from him and his family as much. ALSO, I just saw my brother in law Mark has it on his Iphone and I hope him and my sister Natalie add photos.

This last Sunday at church I took a picture of my new church shoes since I hadn't shown anyone them yet. I named that photo "church shoes". Then I took a picture of Jachen's silly white socks he accidentally wore to church. Later that night, because of the time difference, my brother Jacob posted his "church shoes". I laughed out loud when I saw it. Then Monday morning, because of the time difference, I woke up to my sister Stephanie and her husband Rob showing their "church shoes". That gave me a good laugh too. So funny they all are. AND it turns out all the guys wore similar shoes to church. It has become a fun way to stay connected and to see what images they take throughout their day.


Veronica said...

Funny how all the carpet's basically the same, too.

kaitlin said...

oh i love that, so funny. what a fun/easy way for you to see what's going on. maybe i'll be getting an iphone soon so i can get it toooo. maybe maybe.


stephanie said...

Glad you enjoyed it!

I was going to take the pic at home but them I realized I had to get the church carpet in the picture!