21 February 2012

|| I Want... ||

To find/have this water bottle that I think is somewhere back home.
To have a reason to wear sandals again.
To eat this corn on the cob that has mexican cheese, lime and chili powder on it.
To eat a cupcake from the Cocoa Bean.
Or to eat one of these cupcakes. I really just need a cupcake folks.
To drink a coconut bubble tea.
To go to a Mariners game with this goofy dad...if it was baseball season.
To go to Yogurtland in Vegas.
To eat a Dicks Deluxe Burger.
To dye my hair this red color.
To cut my bangs, short or long. My lack of bangs is boring. I think I will follow this tutorial.
To cut my hair this short, do you think I can do it myself? I miss my short hair.
I was searching through my external hard drive and came across many photos, naturally. I love looking at old photos, such good memories. These are some of the many things I would like to do right this second...out of all the many things I would like to do again. And yes, I would eat all that food right now if I could. Yum. What do you want to do right this second?


stephanie said...

What do I want to do this second? I want to leave on my trip to Switzerland!

Is there really nowhere for you to get your haircut? Can you find some people whose hair you like and ask where they got their's cut? Or is it just too expensive?

kaitlin said...

well or you can just have yogurtland in PROVO!! or orem rather. what a treat. we'll go together when you're here.

and yess i saw a picture of you with your short hair and bangs it just looks SO good on you. i would totally support that and i think you could do it yourself.

Natalie said...

hmmm right now? I would like to go to bed with my house already clean for my mother in law coming to watch my kids here tomorrow! But no, I'm sure I'll be up late.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

@ Stephanie, tooo expensive. I refuse to pay 60francs for a hair cut. Ya, good luck trying to find a Swiss person with curly hair...IF i ever spot one, I will ask where she gets her hair cut. I can just keep cutting it myself...it may not have any shape til we move to the States, but atleast it wont get too long.

@Kaitlin, I would rather go to the one in Vegas. Not that I care for Vegas, but i would like to go back. But i suppose Orem would do too.

@Natalie, I wish I could help clean. I miss those days, being over there for like the whole day.