04 February 2012

|| Dove Body Wash ||

I am seriously in love with these body washes. 
I have mentioned the grapefruit lemongrass, here and I am here to say it is still a favorite. I showered this morning and it's now after 7pm and I can still smell the delicious grapefruit lemongrass on my skin. The pomegranate lemon verbena is a new scent to me, however I have been using the Dove scent deodorant for a few years. They sell both here in Switzy, LUCKY me, and I couldn't be more happy about that. Especially since my all time favorite I can't buy here...which is the Cherry blossom shower gel...why oh why is there no Bath and Body Works here!?
Really, run to the store and try them out!


Mel said...

amarican deodorant is one of my all time misses over here in germany too.....I don't know what they do different...but it's just better.

Love that grapefruit shower gel, have that standing in my bathroom for a while now too :)

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Yes, I have noticed there are a lot more spray deodorants here which I don't particularly love. Luckily, I brought a few deodorants from the States.

That is great that you use this Dove body wash, it seriously is yummy.