16 February 2012

|| Colin Rayko ||

HOORAY, he is here!
He is a bit on the early side, but he just couldn't wait I guess!
I couldn't wait either. Lisa, my sister in law went into the hospital on Valentine's day and didn't have him til 2/16 like it says above. The whole time I kept checking my Instagram to see if there would be a new baby on it and kept checking my email for any updates. Finally, this morning I found the above! He sure is a little guy. I can't wait to see his face. There was a time when for a few years I was without nieces and nephews, then there was Leah for a few years. Now just a few years later, Colin makes number EIGHT. In just a few months there will be baby number NINE which soon we will find out if that baby will be a boy or a girl. I sure love all these nieces and nephews and kids running around. It is so great to see our family getting bigger.

My brother and sister in law tried for a long time to have a baby, but it just wasn't the time. A couple summers ago they found Alyssa a darling two year old and she joined our family. {The little one in the swimming goggles above} A great blessing and joy. Now, the timing was right. Baby Colin is here. What a blessing he is.

4lbs 15ounces, little...I told ya

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Mel said...

Oh what a blessing! little babies always make me squeel :) Love the last picture...so cute with the hat and the sweet baby face...And his big sister smiling :)

pure sweetness :)

PS: I'd love to hear how you liked the dressing.