15 February 2012

|| All Things Lovely... ||

\\I LOVE that pretty bouquet. I LOVE peonies for one. Also, that peony is gold dusted! Oh my. Also, love those white flowers with the purple inside, don't know their name. ALSO the photo of the bouquet is lovely...on gold glitter fabric? Yes, please!
\\SO SO IN LOVE with that laundry room. You won't believe what it looked like before, go have a look. You know how I am in love with white walls these days...well they painted their wood panels white! Favorite. Also, since owning my own portable/rolling clothing rack I have come to love them. And what a great idea to have one in the laundry room. Also, I love the idea of having an area to fold clothes in the laundry room. I just love the styling, brightness and user friendly laundry room.
\\Clearly I am in love with those white and pink stump tables. Clearly. Ps. I don't think they really go with that room...actually that room is pretty random, not a good random. However, I do like the couch, rug, tables and lamp separately.

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kaitlin said...

love love love that bouquet.

ps something happened and now they make me type TWO words for word verification. and they're harder to type!! how annoying. consider turning that off?