17 January 2012

|| Morning Walk ||

Yesterday morning I started my morning walks. Loved it. I made sure to pass all the churches in our area, the three that make up the bell sounds we hear at our apt. Then this morning I passed by them as well. It is sure nice to see them. Aren't they pretty? I need to take a better picture of the first one, you can only see part of the building in the second picture. I will fix that tomorrow morning. I put up a little map above so you can see where each of the churches are located. I stop at the one in green first then blue then to the one circled in pink. My goal is to see all three of them every morning I am out.

This morning before leaving for my walk I majorly stubbed my toes. So painful. I put on my walking shoes and it hurt to the max, but I went for a half hour walk anyway. The toe slowed me down so that was a bummer. I had more of a leisure/limping walk. When I got home, I found my toe super red. Who knew. It's been hours since and it still hurts, hopefully this doesn't turn into a thing.

I love living in a place where the amount of roads and paths are endless. 


Anonymous said...

This looks like such a wonderful and peaceful walk to take in the mornings! I'm oh, so jealous!


Natalie said...

That toe looks way worse than I was expecting. Is it still hurting? I hope not. Lovely walk.

kaitlin said...

how do you stub your pinky toe?!!!
what a beautiful place.
("what a beautiful bird!")