18 January 2012

|| Evening Walk ||

Last Saturday evening we went on walk to get dinner. It was such a beautiful evening. I thought you might like to come along and see the city so I grabbed my camera on the way out the door. After the last video we went and got Durum's at one of the many Kebab places in our city. It was so great to be able to go for a walk and then get dinner and then walk home. What a change of life!

Do you notice how there is NO snow? Pretty cool, huh?
However, I think it is supposed to snow this weekend.


Natalie said...

Fun. I'm glad you are near some great walking places, I'm going to miss the cows though & their bells. But now you have the feuding church bells. Holy cow how long do they play for? That was loud. I would love that. The lake is so big it looks like the ocean. I really wish i could come visit you, dang airline prices and being poor.

kaitlin said...

YOU guys and your kebabs.
and i agree with nat.
glad you can walk around there alot.