16 January 2012

|| 2012, Has Begun | Part Two ||

I had Jachen print out my list of 2012 goals so that I could post them up in our room and see them as well as add to it. Today I added two new goals. 1. eat more veggies. I prepare veggies for Jachen to take to work, but I never make myself veggies for lunch 2. leave the apt with Jachen and go for a walk. I decided the best way to get myself out of the house would be to do it first thing in the morning. So today I started and we will see how that goes.

I hope you have your goals out somewhere you can see them and be reminded of them. I don't think I made any real/official goals for 2011 and I am excited to be back following through with goals.

Ps. sorry for such crappy photo quality.
Someday, I will have an iPhone and that will change.

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