21 December 2011

|| Urbanears ||

I'm thinking I want a pair of these headphones. Since they made their way into "the scene" I thought they were cool looking, but thought I would look silly wearing them. Now, I'm thinking I would love the sound quality PLUS they ARE pretty cool. I read a review that said the sound quality is great. People have also reviewed saying they give you a headache, but I would suspect that...if you have ever gotten a headache wearing a headband you would know these too would do the same. But, maybe after sometime my head would get used to them. Do you have a pair? Do you know someone who has a pair?I love the IndigoPool, Teal and Ocean. There also is a mint color...which when I search online websites seem to have Ocean, Pool and Mint all confused.

What do you think? Which color do you like?
There are a couple stores that sell them here and I think I will try them on and see if I like them. They are of course way more expensive here, so if I like them I may order them online.

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