21 December 2011

|| My Silly Back ||

Yesterday evening my lower back decided to start really hurting. The pain grew and grew as the evening and night went on. This morning was bad as well. Before Jachen left to work he set me on the couch with my pillow and blankets, got me breakfast, brought me anything I might need throughout the day including our bag of bread as he said "worst case if you can't get up you can eat that bread today" and set it in arms reach on our coffee table. I have been able to get up and move around a little bit today, with major pain of course. I have been putting heat on my lower back off and on and slowly, very slowly it seems to be doing something. Also, I have been taking Ibuprofen. Is there anything more I can do for it?? When Jachen first left to work I could hardly move...and the few times I have gotten up today has been a bit easier...but wow, this is for sure my worst back problem and I have had a few.

There has been a pinch in my lower back that I have felt off and on for a few months, but hadn't been able to figure out how to get it gone. I guess yesterday it decided to flair up to its max. I am not a fan. Luckily though, laying down is fine it's just when I move my lower back at all or stand with my weight on my left leg it kills. 
Fun, huh?

So that has been my day and night and probably tomorrow.

Also, the snow keeps piling up here in the mountain.
Don't you just want to push over that pile of snow on top of our garden trash can? 
I look forward to moving where there is less snow!


kaitlin said...

soo weird. doctor??


Leah said...

That sounds awful! My back seems to go out about once every year or two where I can't walk for 3-5 days. I went to a chiropractor once before my mission and hated it, but then I started going to one on my mission and loved it. The second guy taught me some preventative measures and was able to explain to me why my back does what it does which was really helpful. I hope you recover quickly!

Katie said...

Ouch! I hurt my back last week and ice-ing it felt better than heat surprisingly, but mine was more tailbone than back I guess. Oh and icey hot cream, I dunno, good luck!!

stephanie said...

Sorry! I think the ibuprofen is a good idea.

What a good husband you have.

Natalie said...

Ice is usually better for your back because typically it is inflamed, so heating it just makes the inflammation worse, the cold will bring the inflammation down...so stop heating it and ice it! And ibuprofen is good. I am the queen of hurt backs.....but rest and lots of water will help too.