08 December 2011

|| Twenty Seven ||

I turned good ol' TWENTY SEVEN on my birthday this year. Old. It was a pretty great birthday. I wasn't expecting getting gifts from my sisters so that was a very nice surprise. A few days before my birthday I was became antsy for the gifts that were staring at me for days. After Jachen's grandma brought over a gift for me, I opened that one. She got me a really fancy perfume...as you can see...however it smelt like grandma perfume...you know what I'm talking about...and some money. Even though I won't be wearing the perfume it was very nice of her and will be a fun fancy bottle to keep. Opening that gift held me over till I woke up my birthday morning. Our big grocery shopping trip happened to fall on that saturday of the month so we woke up early to head to Germany. But I had to open all the gifts before we went. It felt like Christmas opening gifts on my birthday. I loved everything. I opened a book from Jachen which I had been wanting. My sister Alicia gave me updated family pictures and two pairs of brand new leggings that I was in desperate need of. Natalie some Hidden Valley Ranch packets so I could make Ranch, some vegetable steamer bags which I can't wait to use, three handmade felt garlands for Christmas decorations and then Leah gave me a Snickers bar. So sweet. Stephanie two pairs of earrings, fun little post-its which make great bookmarks bytheway, lovely socks and nail polish. I also, finally after waiting a week, got to open the box from Kaitlin and Joslin which to my utter surprise was FULL of American goodies!!! And some of my favorite ones at that. Oh my, I was just shocked. Also inside was a pair of awesome earrings and the Adrienne Freaker which I have used everyday since. Umm, so nice. Also, previous to my birthday my parents sent me money so with that money I bought the acorn necklace that I have been wanting for a long time. Also, the next day at church I received those awesome owl earrings from my Visiting Teacher. 

After opening gifts I felt so lucky to have been given, we headed to Germany. We shopped a bit at the mall first getting some Christmas ornaments and gifts. Jachen bought me some earrings, I sure love earrings. After the mall we went to the Konstanz Christmas Market which ended up being bigger than we expected so only looked quickly then decided we needed to come back the following Saturday to truly enjoy it all. But, before we left the Market we shared some amazingly delicious cheesy noodles called Käsespätzle that they make fresh. Oh me, oh my.

Then headed on our grocery shopping voyage. After grocery shopping we headed home to prepare the house for Christmas and set up the Christmas tree as we waited for the family who bought the bunk bed to come and get it. After, I wanted to go wash and vacuum out the car so we went and did that. That was pretty fun. Our car has been needing both things and was actually one of my favorite parts of the day. Then we picked up Durums for dinner, then headed home and watched the last Harry Potter movie.

It was a very happy birthday.
It made me want to be better at celebrating other's birthdays.


stephanie said...

I'm so glad you had a good day!

I got really excited when you mentioned Konstanz because I learned about that city as I've been reading about our trip! - I was reading about Lake Constance and all the countries/cities bordering it.

Jennifer said...

thats so cool... all those treats!
what awesome visiting teachers!!! those owls are beautiful! i have been in vegas now a year and 7 months and have been in 2 (well and singles ward would be 3) wards and have yet to meet my visiting teachers. i had like one drive by visit once in my old ward for a few minutes. same goes for home teachers.

kaitlin said...

oh my gosh you got so many fun earrings!! congrats.

haha so for our gift we just got the list from an old blog post where you said you were missing some treats or junk food or something and just got literally everything on that list. because i don't know what treats you like! so that did the trick.

oh and i'm glad you posted the perfume bottle from jachey's gma, what a pretty bottle.

happy birthdayyyy!