14 November 2011

|| Sookie ||

Sookie St. James from Gilmore Girls
I have been watching episode after episode of Gilmore Girls lately. I love this show. I used to dislike this show back in the day, but in college I had a roommate that had all seasons on dvd and that is where I got hooked. I bypassed the fast talking of everyone on the show and fell in love with the characters. Then I moved to a different apartment a few years later and had another roommate that had the seasons on dvd. Glorious.  

While watching it these days I have decided my favorite character is Sookie. She is so funny, cute, spastic and such a great friend to Lorelai and Rory. I want Sookie as my friend. I love when Sookie is in a scene. Below is one of my favorite Sookie moments. 
Thanks to whoever held their camera up to their tv and captured the Sookie moment.

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