13 November 2011

|| Snippets of the Weekend ||

It is almost bedtime at the close of our weekend. Soon we will make the climb upstairs to our chilly bedroom, but tonight I know I will sleep like a baby because since I woke up this morning I have been sleepy. I would love this blanket from Donna Wilson to be wrapped around me as I quickly fall asleep. We had a great and eventful weekend. Many photos were snapped so I will post those tomorrow. 

The snippets
This weekend I drank A&W Rootbeer{a big deal}
We watched some really good movies
Bought some great Christmas decorations
I received a big ol' birthday package
I made some amazing tea
Skyped no one, blah
Was emailed videos of my nephew Henry, what a doll
Got some Christmas shopping done
Held Jachen's hand
Heard some Swiss Yodeling
Drove in some serious fog
Watched this amazing{looking} trailer, watch it!
Jachen made me breakfast
Was very happy

BUT, the best weekend happenin's of all...
my dearest and oldest{not age wise} friend Kerianne had her baby early this morning. I have not heard the name yet and it is driving me bonkers! But, there she is. Now, I just need to skype this little one. The only time growing up that I remember{I am sure there were other times} talking with Kerianne about our future little ones was in high school french class and now, here we are at the start. Seems like yesterday we were silly little girls dreaming of our future. She will be a fantastic mother. Now name your baby and tell me her name already!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.


Natalie said...

The movie trailer looks pretty good, but really? The girl from Twilight? She is not that cute and she is a terrible actress....my opinion, so kinda hard for me to believe she would be the "fair" Snow White. But it looks like a good film, she will just be annoying through the whole thing.

Yeah for Kerianne!!! And yeah for you getting Bday packages...one more on the way!!

Glad you had a fab weekend!!

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Yes I am skeptical about her being in it, BUT MAYBE it could change my mind about her. Also, I don't really like Charlese{sp} Theren, the lady that plays the witch...but i think, think, the movie looks good enough to by pass the actors.

You and Mark should watch Suckerpunch. It is really cool, slightly confusing, but really cool. I think you both will like it.

Natalie said...

Ya, even Mark was skeptical of her being in it, and he is a Twilight fan. But we are hoping she will be better in this one. Charlize is a pretty good actress though.....I think the film is worth checking out. Suckerpunch? I will tell Mark. Any name yet for Kerianne's babe??