30 November 2011

|| Our Thanksgiving ||

Well, we celebrated Thanksgiving over on this side of the world. During the day, Jachen was at work since clearly the Swiss do not celebrate this holiday{unless married to an American}. So during the day I watched the A&E version of Pride & Prejudice, the best one, while preparing for our Thanksgiving dinner. Jachen came home, we finished Pride & Prejudice, ate and wrote down some things we are thankful for this year. After, we went for a walk up to a Christmas art sale our village was having. It was a chilly night, but a great long walk to end the evening.

Also, I was able to Skype at the Farmer house, where I have spent many of Thanksgivings. My sister Alicia was there with her family so I talked with all them too. The Farmer family are technically unrelated, but oh so much family to our family. Also, I was able to Skype my family over at their celebration. It was wonderful to see my Grandma Jackie, I sure love her and I don't get to see her often...especially since I live moons away now. It was great being able to be part of both celebrations. Oh, and you should know, that first picture of Kaitlin and Joslin...I told them about a blog they should follow and the were looking at it when I took the picture...hence the "concentrating" faces.


Quigley Family said...

Your Thanksgiving looks lovely, so warm and fallish. Great job. We missed you but it was nice being able to sykpe. Love ya!

kaitlin said...

haha such a funny picture of me and jos. could we have timed that better? i mean we talked for atleast a half hour! so fun to talk to you.

and what a cute feast you had, good decorations over there in switzy.