09 November 2011

|| New Mixx ||

I have a new mix for you!
This mix, like all the mixes, has been in the works for a while so that I could carefully choose each song. This mix was inspired by our drive to Luzern in October. When we were driving there, we put my ipod on shuffle and many of these songs made it on the drive and has now made it to this mix. It is always great to have a good mix of songs playing while driving. Your dudes will even like it. These picks are some of my favorites from their albums of some recent albums I have acquired and some albums from recent months. Also, there is a Kris Orlowski song on there from a musician I recently blogged about! 

If you are new to the downloading mixes, it is super easy. Just a few clicks and you can open up each song and copy them all or selected ones to put into your music player. Hopefully, you have itunes that works the easiest. You should have itunes anyway. If you have questions let me know. I believe my past mixes are removed from Mediafire, but if there is a mix you want I can get it to you.

Download coolio, HERE.
Then you can tell me what you think.

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