01 November 2011

|| Happy Times, Good Memories ||

I like to every once in a while work on lessoning the contents on my external hard drive. Today I went through a few folders and deleted photos that I knew I didn't need. These are some that made the cut. I sure love looking back on old photos. I love how looking at a photo of a moment can remind of me of that experience and so many details of that time.


Natalie said...

Aaah, they are going too fast....I want to see them longer, dang.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

This is slower than I almost did it. It is supposed to be fastish, little clips of life.

kaitlin said...

i agree with nat i wish i could see them for a second longer! or be able to control the speed. BUT i do get what you mean, they are just fun quick ones. but still.

what good times! the one with alex and us coming to rexburg!! and jossys party in the park! good memories.

joslin said...

oh man best birthday ever! gosh that was great.