29 October 2011

|| Project Runway Spoiler Alert ||

I am really happy for Anya.


stephanie said...

I adore her. I was super surprised though.

Natalie said...

I was surprised too. I dont think she should have won. But the judges favored her the whole time.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

I thought Joshua was going to win, but I am happy Anya did. I think she will do great things and do it with really great taste. And she has a bigger range...like how they said jewelry, bags, shoes...I think her designs will translate and luckily she is humble and is way good for just starting. She can only get better. I think though she struggled in the competition and was not as much a sewer that was just her story and all the winners and contestants come from different places in skill, style and technique. I think they favored her because she was so different...she was a beginner that had great skill.

kaitlin said...

i don't know who that is because i never watch this show, but she looks darling to me! i support it.