02 November 2011

|| Best Five Day Weekend ||

Jachen took off Friday so that we could drive to Germany and go grocery shopping. Saturday, the day we usually go is always so busy that we wanted a more relaxing shopping experience. In the parking garage in Germany there was a line of spots for women who are by themselves to park. There is a button you could push if you found yourself in danger. How great is that? Ha, that picture of our grocery bag makes it look like that is all the grocery's we bought, but really I was showing how Jachen likes to buckle up any grocery's in the back seat. After Germany, we went to choose the lucky pumpkin that would be our very own. It was a fun and beautiful drive. Do you see those trees? Jachen taught me how to say some things in Swiss German. Man, that is a tongue twister language. He would say a word or sentence in Swiss German and I would try to repeat what he said right after...it was pretty funny.
Saturday, Jachen went over to his friend Christians house to hang out. He hasn't been able to see him for months. I got to enjoy an afternoon at home where I watched Gilmore Girls, drank tea, ate Ginger cookies, lit candles, wore my new slippers, admired my new nail polish and then painted my nails Halloweenish style.
Sunday at church we were given homemade, from scratch, pumpkin pie from a friend. Yum. Then we drank more "holiday" teas we bought in Germany. I tell ya I tried finding Apple Cider, but I found these teas...they just are not the same. Still tasty, but no Apple Cider{so if you want to send me some packets, feel free}. Sunday evening we watched Addams Family and The Count of Monte Cristo.
Halloween. We set out our Halloween candy and ate candy bars, skeletons, spiders, candy teeth and pumpkins throughout the day. Jachen wanted me to paint his nails black and put black eyeliner on, but we never got around to dressing up. Dang, next year. However, we did watch our fair share of Halloweenish movies. Simpsons Treehouse of Horror, The Witches, Stardust, Birds, and Psycho. That was our Halloween. I realized last year I was flying back from Switzerland on Halloween, crazy.
Tuesday after sleeping in we cleaned! I love cleaning. Vacuumed, dishes, toilet cleaning, sink cleaning{finally}, organized and Jachen finally removed his table full of hobby stuff that has been down in the living room for over a month. We keep a clean house, but it hasn't been this clean for a long time well, since that table came downstairs and since we filled the dining room table with papers and stuff. We use Jachen's computer downstairs and we have it hooked to our tv and now we have Jachen's computer monitor downstairs too. Jachen is happy about that. It is fun to organize and clean with Jachen and luckily he is really good at it.
Thank you to Allerheiligen aka All Saints Day for providing us with a great and long weekend, but now we are back to our normal schedule. 


Kyla said...

Wow, lots of fun photos! It seems like you had a good weekend! I like the look of your place too :)

Natalie said...

yeah for long weekends!! Glad you got to do some Halloween stuff!!