03 November 2011

|| ANTM All Star Cycle ||

Have you been watching this Cycle of Top Model? It is an All-Star season, their first, and it has been interesting/boring to have some of them back. Tyra is trying to make the ultimate "star" which is kinda lame, I think. I am happy they brought back Allison from Cycle 12. I liked her then and I like her now even more. She has such an interesting look and style and isn't "ghetto super star" like most of the others.  Did you watch last nights episode? They had to write lyrics to a pop song and then sing and preform it in a music video. Allison did surprisingly well and won best video. Surprise, surprise. Also, the rapper Game{never heard of him} who was on the episode to help direct the videos had a little crush on Allison and that was cute. I hope they fall in love. I sure hope she wins the All-Star season, she is the only one I would like to see in the future as a "star".


Natalie said...

I actually watched that last night, it was interesting. I have onyl caught a couple episodes but I agree that it is totally annoying what Tyra is trying to do. She is so full of herself. But the show is interesting. I like this girl too, her crazy eyes in her video were wild. Thought of you the whole time watching it.

Leah said...

Monica, I had forgotten all about top model these days. You're making me want to tune back in!