19 October 2011

|| West Elm ||

I would love love love a pretty Thanksgiving dining set and decor. I love these plates a whole lot and if only they were around the day I am back living in the States and am shopping for Thanksgivingware then I would be getting them...you can count on that. I also love the idea of fancy golden goblets...we use goblets{not as pretty as these however} back home and I love it. I have no idea how we will do Thanksgiving this year or IF we will even do it. Maybe I will just make me some mashed potatoes and call it good? I have never cooked a Thanksgiving meal or even a Thanksgiving dish in my life and I am not sure Switzerland grocery stores are up for that challenge nor I. So until the day I am back to having a normal Thanksgiving, I will just dream about it looking at these pieces. Thank you West Elm.


Meghan said...

Oh wow! These are gorgeous! I love that big soup bowl and the wishbone plate! So wish we got West Elm here in the UK!

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

OH, but they do have other great stores in the UK. Lucky.