19 October 2011

|| Husky ||

If you are going to listen to any music today, then these two songs better be on your list. Husky's album Forever So is available on iTunes on Oct 21st...just a couple more days then it will be all yours/mine. I am listening to the samples on iTunes and by the sound of it it will be a great album. I look forward to it. Such a great sound, feel and voice to their music. What do you think? Is this your kind of music or are you just getting into it? I crave it, that is for sure. I like real music...if that makes sense and this sure is.


Jenn said...

Not sure why I hadn't heard them before! Love it :)

Mel said...

For the first minute I thought the sounded a little like the Fleet Foxes. But naaaa....I think I actually like them better :) Thanks for sharing.

I'm sorry you miss your family in the states. I have family there too and I havent seen them in over ten years. I really miss them too but it's much easier since my closest family lives here in Germany.

Youve never flown a kite??? YOU MUST!!! :) seriously..you should try it while the weather is still so perfect for it. It's so much fun :) I love feeling like a kid again, everytime.