27 October 2011

|| Self Acceptance ||

It is almost midnight and Jachen and I are breaking the rules and are still up...not even just awake, but downstairs on our computers. Naughty. But, it is funny how at the most seemingly random moments we can receive insight or revelation...or just read something you needed reminding of. I read this blogpost by the fabulous blog Moorea Seal{I think that is supposed to be two words} about her personal experience on self acceptance that she had to learn throughout life in a tough way. While reading it, which I highly recommend you ladies do, I just couldn't believe people actually bully like that. I never had that experience in high school{at least not on a regular basis} and I don't even think I saw it happening...unless I forgot or wasn't around to notice others going through it. I am sure there was bullying behind backs, but Moorea went through some full on in her face teasing.

She shared her experience honestly and then encouraged her readers to recognize their own beauty and self expression. She wrote, "I hope that you can look at yourself and within yourself this week and recognize, your self expression IS beautiful because you are purely and honestly being you.  Beauty is found in a confidence of self.  No matter what you look like on the outside, no matter how weird your facial expressions are, your truest beauty is found in the confidence you hold in your love of self.  Express yourself.  And love yourself in your form of expression.  Your own words that you give to yourself are powerful, valid, and beautiful, so much greater than any mean words anyone has said to you.  You are strong, you are powerful, and you can choose to love yourself.  You CAN express yourself.  Your self expression is beautiful and you are allowed to believe that.  I believe in you." Very encouraging. We all have little aspect of ourselves we are embarrassed by, cover up, dread over, worry about and wish to change whether it is something with our looks or personality. It is really great to see someone spread this positivity and I think that is one of the great things about blogs. You can choose to influence women in all aspects whether in art, culture, stories, experiences...or through the subject of self worth. We all know how we live in this time where women are questioning their worth and I believe it is a topic that needs to be spread and also taught so heavily to our children. She wrote about the power of words, the power of choosing good words and about how telling yourself good words will make you believe them. She began this topic by telling about a compliment she received and compliments are such amazing tools. I learned once, randomly, in college I don't remember from whom or where or why, but I remember learning that if you think of a compliment about someone you shouldn't hesitate to give them it. And I have tried since then to be more brave to give compliments...because I always had them I was just not ALWAYS brave enough to go up to someone especially a stranger and tell them it. Since I learned that it has been a really fun little part of my life. I remember seeing some stranger walk past me with awesome pink hair...so I told her. Even if it is just about their hair or clothing. However, it is also good to go a little deeper than that{but you can't really do that with strangers} and compliment personality, talents, skills, attributes etc etc.

I think as women we can all use a little reminder of evaluating/reevaluating how we think of ourselves and the words we tell ourselves. I bet we could all use a little adjustment. I know I do. Here is what I commented on Moorea's blog. {after sending the comment off, I realized there were a couple mistakes in grammar, whoops}
I hope you take the time to stop and think about how you perceive yourself...not how others do...and then after that try to make some changes or congratulate yourself for treating yourself right always. I love how Moorsea said "your truest beauty is found in confidence you hold in your love of self." She could not have said it better.

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Jennifer said...

i love this. kids and teens can be so cruel. i was bullied and teased most of my life growing up. i was often the new kid (moved so much cause military dad) and it made it worse. people made fun of me because of my looks and being from (wherever the state was, didnt matter). it was sad i secretly hoped my teachers would save me one day. they were like my friends because they were kind to me, or wrote encouraging words on my work. many days were spent just trying to be invisible so i didnt get teased. i struggle with self acceptance still from time to time. its also tough being a high school teacher to know all the bullying that goes on. i have zero tolerance for it and nip it in the butt if i EVER see any kind going on "joking" or not, with consequences. so i loved this post.