10 October 2011

|| Pin it ||

I now have a "Pin it" button on my blog! Aren't you excited? I am...so maybe this means I need to get myself a Pinterest account? Maybe. Do you have a Pinterest account? Any advice? I am still real hesitant about getting an account. I like using it as a search engine though...but I am not sure I want another commitment...I like blogs best.

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kaitlin said...

good move. good thing is, i already have the "pin it" button, but it works great for people who don't know how to pin outside of pinterest.

i don't think pinterest is an extra commitment really, i just hop on it whenever i have a smidge of time and scroll around for a sec and then get off. the difference is that i don't have things like on reader where i am always at 1000+, i don't have an obligation to look at anything. plus if you are searching on it anyways! might as well pin on it!