10 October 2011

|| Oh the Friends I Have ||

These two, I tell ya. I never know what craziness I will find when I open up their Facebooks...which is one of the many reasons I keep them around. Today, I found these photos. Two of my BFFS Julene and Taylor are crazy style just the right amount of crazy style, the amount I like. If you give these two a camera{which obviously they both have and use a lot} you never know what funny/crazy photo shoot will come of it. These are just a few of many many many photo shoots of the two of them and when you are lucky and they get together and do a photo shoot together...it is...well like this. Maybe I should do a series of posts about them and their photos. I really should. These two are two of the funniest people I know and I know a lot of funny people. I sure like them and their ability to produce the out of control.

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kaitlin said...

oh my heck so funny. those are quite the photos.