26 October 2011

|| Oh, Harry ||

Okay, I got a little teary eyed when I watched this. I am not embarrassed to admit it. WHY does watching Daniel Radcliffe sing and dance make me sooo happy??? It must be because I am a proud friend to Harry Potter and like any friend when you watch another friend succeed/be talented it's exciting...ya, that must be it. I knew he was on Broadway, but never thought to see what that entailed...I had no idea he was singing and dancing. Sheesh. So if you are behind on times like me apparently, watch the video and you can catch up too! I know my sister Natalie will enjoy this.


Mel said...

this is amazing! So good!


Natalie said...

yep, you're right, I did enjoy this! I always love a little singing & dancing!!

I am out of the loop too, I didnt know he was on Broadway. Seriously, singing and dancing? Harry? He is so awkward....but not in this, although he looks a little short. He did great!!

kaitlin said...

oh my heck.
can't believe you actually cried, and i can't even believe this is real!