24 October 2011

|| Mylo Xyloto...wah wah ||

Well a few months ago when I found out Coldplay was coming out with a new album I was really excited. Counting down even. If you are a Coldplay fan, I am sure you were too. However, today I listened to the previews for each song on iTunes and I am not in love. I don't think it is a bad album per se, but here is what I think of it...

I feel like it lost the essence of Coldplay which is a tricky thing because I get when musicians want a new fresh sound and have made their personal choice to go a different direction or they feel inspired to try something different...however, I feel like this album is just too everywhere. You have slower songs...Coldplay's specialty, but not even that powerful of slow songs, the fast over the top pop songs and then some random R&B love song with Rihanna. I just feel like it is a messy album. I read the Rolling Stone review of this album, which was a whole lot of fluff and filler I think, and they did say this album was "Inspired by 1970's New York Graffiti and the Nazi-resistance movement known as the White Rose" then said "it's probably no coincidence both were about young people embracing art in times of turmoil." I can see how their inspiration fits with the final product, but just don't get why they went there. I don't usually like to post negative reviews or statements because I know how annoying/frustrating it is when someone puts down something I like or love...BUT gosh, I am just bummed about this album. I do however still like their song Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall that is on this new album. But, I mean where is a song as good as Postcards from Far Away? or Rainy Day? or Glass of Water? or Clocks? or Fix You? or Speed of Sound? or Swallowed in the Sea? It is a shame. Maybe the previews don't do the songs justice? Have you listened to the album? What are your thoughts? Do you miss the classic Coldplay like I do or do you like this new style they are embracing?

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Veronica said...

Hmm, yeah. All I've heard are the previews, and some of the slow songs sound like they could be promising, but some of the other ones just sound like a bunch of racket. I feel like a 75-year-old saying that.