24 October 2011

|| Feathers ||

You know how I love a good feather. My first post I wanted to show the more eerie elegant side of feathers. Today, I wanted to show you my picks for dainty and playful feathers. I actually find it interesting that the drawing of the flowing girl has feathers that resemble leaves very closely. I think that is a pretty way of translating/transforming feathers. I don't think all real feathers or drawn feathers are pretty or nice looking. Meaning the other day I was in search for a certain kind of feather on etsy and there are just some ugly/cheap looking feathers out there and people actually make art or jewelry with them. And I think like lots of things in life/art, just because it IS a feather doesn't make it automatically good...you still have to refine your taste and style. I hope that makes sense. Aren't these great ones though? Yes, they are.
Feather source.

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