25 October 2011

|| I Really Love Gold, Part Four ||

I have a million, yes a million, things to post about, but I keep putting those off and finding myself posting more GOLD. Maybe I will have to force myself to take a break? Probably not. I just hope you don't get sick of all this gold...because if you look at my blog...you can't escape it.
Mustache Ring// It seems as though it is already sold out, but I would love a mustache ring, how fun.
Gold Eyes// If only I knew how to do fancy makeup.
Gold Sequined Dress// Wowza, right? I mean I would only wear that for a Halloween costume or on the red carpet...sure pretty to look at and imagine a need for it. It is only over $3,000...no big deal.
Gold spoons// Fun glitter teaspoons and there is also a gold glitter serving utensil.
Gold metallic Oxfords// Yes, please.
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