06 September 2011

|| Young Actresses ||

An interesting article in Wmagazine, called Little Women, about these young actresses and their choice of filmmaking in the big leagues instead of the fast route through Disney. I respect that. I respect they want to be a part of films that challenge them and show their true potential as actresses. The article also says how these actresses are "redefining child stardom". When Chloe, the first actress pictured, was asked about not choosing the Disney route she replied,

“Totally—I get it,” she says. Moretz measures what she says next, neatly straddling a line that is both diplomatic and profoundly confident. “It’s a different route. They’re both equally awesome routes. I mean, if you want to go that way, go that way, you know? I’m doing it slower; I’m taking the stairs, not the elevator. A lot of actresses take the elevator straight up to stardom, but I’m slowly building up the career and the résumé that I want as an actor, because it pleases me to make these films that are different and are more—for me, as an actor—more challenging, and that will stretch my emotional boundaries....”
You can read more from the article, here.

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kaitlin said...

mmm i love that. what pretty girls.