03 August 2011

|| Move, Learn, Eat ||

I have to show you this before I can move any further with my London jibber jabber. I get real real excited about a lot of things and some things more than others, if that is even possible. A friend posted the first video, Move, on his facebook and suggested to watch the others. Ryan is one of those people who if they suggest watching something, you watch it. Just like if I say you should watch something, you should watch it. Hint, hint. These videos are fantastic. The travel, the experiences, the streets, the people, the food. AHH. I can't even handle how happy these videos make me and will make you. I wish I could have videos like this of my life, wouldn't that be grand? Excellent, bravo.


Jennifer said...

that last video made me so hungry!!

oh and the london post WAS helpful. ive looked online and been clueless about where to stay, what to see, etc. im torn because i really want to take a trip overseas somewhere. i can only go during the traditional school break times. thats when everything is marked up, and crowded and its not like i can spend forever at each place if i were to go to more than one city/country.

kaitlin said...

oh WOW i mean those were great. reminds me sort of of that guy who has video of him dancing in front of all of the places he traveled to...ringing any bells??