19 August 2011

|| Mixx ||

It has been awhile since I have favored you with a mix. I always have a mix in the works and this one is finally ready. This is a mix of my favorite songs from my newest albums. I absolutely love each of the albums and you will love this mix/sample of each album to take with you wherever you go.
Annie Williams | This Mountain ^^^ Beautiful acoustic music you will love.
Beirut | The Ripe Tide ^^^ This may be my new favorite Beirut album. Typically I think that Beirut has an acquired voice and sound, but somehow this album has a fresh new feel to it while still sound just like Beirut. Such a great album, every song worthy.
Bombay Bicycle Club | Flaws ^^^ I only recently discovered this exciting band and thanks to my friend Aubree I now own this album. I love Jack's, the lead vocals, voice. I actually posted on of their music videos recently on her so you may find one of the songs familiar. For sure a great album and worthy of your ears.
Broken Bells | Broken Bells ^^^ So happy about this album. Every song is grand. Best part? The best part it's a project with the lead singer of The Shins{who I love}. This album to me feels like a fresher/funkier version of Shins' music. I highly recommend this album.
Florence And The Machine | Lungs ^^^ How have I not had her whole album till recently? I have loved her for a while now, but somehow thought I didn't like her album. Well turns out I love it. I especially love the two I added to this mix which you probably have not heard unless you have this album.
Foster the People | Torches ^^^ Again, another great album. If you like the two in the mix you will love the whole album.
Fruit Bats | Tripper ^^^ I have heard about this band off and on, but never stopped to check them out. Well I slap my wrist. This album is so great...like all the rest of the albums in this mix...I say, where has this been all my life? If you like the ones in the mix you will like all of Tripper.
Mat Kearney | Young Love ^^^ Mat, oh mat. There will always be a special place in my heart for his music. He for sure is not for everyone{sometimes he like talks/raps, but its fab}, but his music is so fun, full and catchy. Every album of his I love, a big especially for his past album City of Black & White which you should buy. Young Love is just that...the whole album feels like "young love". This is def a get up and dance album. I still remember when I saw him live years ago{remember Kerianne and Steph?} and how his music beat into my chest.
Young Man | Boy ^^^ This is my newest album. I would say this album feels like Bon Iver meets William Fitzsimmons meets another awesome band that I can't figure out meets a tambourine meets a really awesome lazy summer at the beach. So love it.

Aren't you excited? I am for you. You can download the mix HERE. And you can still download more of my mixx's by clicking HERE. If you don't know how to download get your neighbor, get your roommate, get your familymate...just get someone! It's quick, it's easy, it's safe and once it is downloaded you can listen to or preview each song before adding them to your library. I even give you permission to delete songs you don't like. Enjoy!

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