21 July 2011

|| What's In My Bag ||

1. THE perfect bag. From Urban Outfitters a few years ago. It opens huge yet has a strap that makes the top of the bag flip over so the bag looks smaller. 2. My new thing is carrying an extra pair of shoes, because you never know when your other shoes will hurt your feet, I carry my most comfy shoes, my TOMS 3. I like to carry a pair of socks so if my feet start to get blisters I have a pair of socks to throw on, also I bring it with me to movies because my feet often get cold in movie theaters. I don't wear socks normally so carrying a pair is what I do. 4. My most favorite chapstick, Blistex Silk & Shine, and some pink lipgloss from Forever 21 5. A notebook 6. My wallet 7. Tissues, great for so many reasons 8. Bandaids 9. A container of Ibuprofen, Midol and any other pill I need 10. Gum 11. A pen I got from my hotel in Egypt, I will always carry this 12. Little bag of lipgloss, bobypins and a little mirror 13. My reading glasses 14. Sunglasses 15. Camera, mostly for videos 16. Reusable grocery bag, I have two others one bright pink and bright green. They are so cute 17. Swiss Army Knife 18. My wedding ring box incase I need to take my ring off and need a safe place to put it 19. USB 20. Extra hair supplies 21. ITouch 22. Phone 23. Burt's Bees cuticle cream 24. Water Bottle, not always full that would be too heavy, but at least half full.

I have been wanting to do a post of what's in my bag, forever. Finally, the post over at Miss Indie's blog snapped me into it. I love her blog, one of my favorites. I have a lot in my bag at almost all times. I always wonder why it's heavy, I guess this is the reason. Looks like I am a good person to have stuck with you on a desert island...I like to be prepared, okay?? I also have a lot going on in my wallet so I thought I would show you what's in my wallet! OH and no, we don't have ugly green shag carpeting in our house...just a cute green shag square rug.

1. My perfect, lovely wallet from Urban 2. Passport, I never know when I might get checked, jk. More like never know when my husband may take me to Paris. 3. I always carry this picture of the Eiffel Tower 4. Pictures of my family 5. Photo booth pics of me and Jachen and then of me, Kaitlin and Joslin 6. Guitar picks one from the E.M.P with Jordan and Taylor and one I still have when I borrowed it from Olivia, ps Olivia I still have your red guitar pick. 7. My Swiss Visa which I have to have on me at all times, drivers license, Visa bank card and college ID card even though I am graduated 8. A fortune cookie fortune that says "Use your talents. That's what they are intended for." 9. Business cards 10. Swiss francs 11. Gift cards which serve no purpose in my wallet since I can't use any of them 12. I LOVE to spray yummy perfume at the store on a paper stick and then put it in my wallet so it makes my wallet smell yummy 13. Memorabilia {wow I spelt that word right the first time} of a signed coaster by me, Kaitlin and Joslin from Joslin's surprise birthday dinner at Red Robin, David Archuleta concert ticket and my ticket for riding up to the Santis 14. A concert pass signed by the girls of First Aid Kit 15. More pics of family 16. American Red Cross CPR guide, you never know! 17. Phone number and email address given to me in Egypt by a cute Egyptian boy 18. My all time favorite...notes from Kaitlin and Joslin.

You should do this too! Do one or the other or do both! Leave me a link so I can check it out, I would love to see what is in your bag. 


kaitlin said...

wow who KNEW you would have all of that. are you kidding?

most random items that i feel need to be mentioned:

a pair of toms and socks. seriously? necessary? maybe if you knew you had a pair of risky shoes but every day? not so sure.

cuticle cream. huh?

also, that brown and cream striped bag is basically the perfect size. next time you see one of those floating around pick me one up k? and i really need a small pill case. i'm thinking a film canister will have to do.

and that purse has served you WELL. you have gotten your money out of that thing.

next. the wallet. another good purchase, if only i could find one, for the LOVE.

hahaha who knew you still had that coaster!! so funny. and those notes from us? that's great. and i love that perfume idea, i still do that on occasion thanks to you.

well this has been one of my favorite posts of yours easily. i learned new things.

oh and i can't forget: "more like never know when my husband may take me to paris" haha got a good laugh.


Mandy Ferrugia said...

Okay, that is seriously the cutest bag ever!! I'm so glad you did this post! :] I love all of the cute photos in your wallet, I need to add some to mine. <3

joslin said...

oh man this was great. agreed with kait definitely laughed out loud at the passport explanation. so funny that you have that coaster still! sure forgot about that. and definitely want to read those notes some day. you are prepared for anything thats for sure. :)