23 July 2011

|| Happy yesterday ||

Two happy things happened to me yesterday. First, I received my Julia Pott tote bags in the mail and Second, ate a Subway sandwich. I saw on Julia's blog the announcement of her tote bags being buy one get one free so I took her up on it. I am so happy I did. The black and white one with the animals and animal houses is double sided, how neat is that?{kaitlin, that line is for you} They are a great size and are made out of really nice tote bag fabric, not the stiff kind. Also, I was so excited to eat a Subway sandwich last night, even though I could have had one here before. I didn't realize till we came across a Subway how great it would be to have an "American" type sandwich. Switzerland has different kinds of sandwiches that I don't love, and I had been missing American style sandwiches. Hooray for both those things!

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kaitlin said...

how is the subway there? in germany they weren't exactly like US but still good. well who am i kidding i don't really like subway anymore so i didn't love it.

hahaha and appreciate that video, i need to watch that a few times so i can quote it really good.