12 June 2011


I am all over this season's So You Think You Can Dance. I completely forgot about the show, how embarrassing, till a friend informed me of the start of it. So I have been able to quickly catch up thanks to a few websites I use here. I watched all of last seasons and this season is already looking gooood. I love how this show can make me get goosebumps, make me cry, get giddy, get me nervous and get me rooting for someone(s). I cannot wait for the rest of the season. Are you watching? If not, get started.

My favorites.

Melanie, I have been rooting for her since they first showed her on the first episode. And now she is top 20...sure hope she lasts long, she is darling.

Sasha, love her. Her and her sisters relationship and story on the show was so fun to be a part of and see. I want her to go far.

They seriously are too too cute and so fun.

Who are your favorites?

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kaitlin said...

i don't get it, is this on hulu or something? or how do you watch this??