03 May 2011


...i have a cord that i can plug into the wall here giving my laptop juice. i have been stuck using my husbands computer which has a swiss keyboard that has letters in different places and symbols just all over the place. since we have returned, i have been trying to barely use his computer so that his swiss PC doesn't give me too much of a heart attack.

soon i will go to bed, but know that life updates are on its way. you will get to...

hear about our travels to switzy
maybe i will even get the new switzy blog up and running
see pics of our home and the changes we have made
hear about what we have been up to
hear about the wedding
hear about some great thrift store finds for our home
hear about the amazing food and the not so amazing food i have discovered here
hear about some new music i am excited about
hear about our issues with our dvd player
hear about how SERIOUSLY loud the thunder is here
hear about my new baby nephew that just arrived

well i guess most of the above will be featured on my new switzy blog when that gets started. so get ready!


Olivia Carter said...

Can't wait!

joslinsvea said...

i just can not waittttttt.