13 October 2013

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Pumpkin Farm! My all time favorite thing to do in October is to go to a pumpkin farm. I don't know what it is about pumpkins, but they have us all hypnotized. It has been a tradition amongst my siblings to go together to a farm called The Farm, but yesterday, we went to a different farm, Carleton Farms, which may just be may new favorite.

This farm had some areas for kids...including a play pit full of corn kernels, animals, hay to climb around, zip line, a few cool big slides...and more. There was also a pumpkin shooter which shot pumpkins really far. Also, the best part...the pumpkin spice donuts and apple cider slushie! Amazing. {I actually had hot apple cider, but drank some of Jachen's. Delicious} We took a hayride down to the pumpkins. There were sooo many great pumpkins to chose from, it was a little overwhelming. We came home with 3 smallish ones and 3 mini mini ones. Seriously adorable.

Fun Fall outing with my sister and her family. {then we went over to their home and had stew and biscuits for dinner} And thank goodness for the sun!


Allison said...

Love that lipstick color! And such fun pictures :) I've been hoping to visit a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard this fall but it hasn't happened yet. Hopefully soon!

stephanie said...

This is my favorite part of Fall too, so I'm sad I'm missing it with you guys. There are farms here but I'm not sure which one I'll like and all of them cost money, so maybe we won't go to one this year anyway. It looks like it was a perfect day for you guys! Clara is adorable, as is baby Elijah (leah too, but don't tell her that she's not as cute as her sister in these pics:). Those donuts look amazing!