18 October 2013

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I am so impressed with this kitchen makeover. Oh my. There are a lot of ugly kitchens in older homes and this makeover gives hope to those looking for an older home or who need help envisioning the possibilities of a great kitchen they already own. This makeover shows how to take a generic kitchen and really make it something unique and modern without going overboard.

Some things I love about the kitchen.
> Adding the white. Love me some white. Not only opens up and brightens up the room, but white is easy, fresh, modern and is a great base to build off of.
> The grey. I don't think I would have thought of using that beautiful grey...but it works amazingly and I think is a stunning choice. It also incorporates the stainless steal appliances.
> The white tiling on the walls. What a great idea! Way better than just white paint. Gives great character, modernizes it and also has a function...easier to clean. It's also a texture.
> The open shelving on the one wall. Always dreamy. I am so in love with the idea of showcasing your beautiful dishware/glassware.
> The simple modern pieces of kitchen accessories.
> That they got rid of the window curtains.
> The hanging lighting...fab. Also, good job getting rid of the center fixture and putting in small flush/hidden lights.
> The barstools...fab.
> The addition of drawer and cupboard handles.
> That they got rid of the garbage being out and exposed.
> The sink update, especially the basin...I like that it doesn't have the metal rim around it that just gets chalky and ugly. Great way to really keep the kitchen updated. If they left that ugly sink, it would bring down the room.

I hope this kitchen inspires you as it has me. Makes me less scared to by an older home.
//See more of this makeover, HERE. And you can see their source and budget list, HERE

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