05 October 2013

< You Are Mine//Part Two >

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Another peek at what's in our home. Some great products that I love and recommend to you.

We just got our pistachio mixer the other day, so I haven't used it yet. {what should I make first?!}It was a late wedding gift from my parents, something they gave to all my siblings as well. I am grateful they were willing to give us this 2 year later gift. We just got that beautiful floor lamp from West Elm last night and I LOVE it. Mostly I just love having a lamp in our living room, finally. It raises and lowers as well as has a separate pull switch for each light bulb, giving full light or partial light. It's great.

The Crosley turntable from Urban has some bad reviews, and I don't doubt it. But luckily, we got a good one. Owning a turntable for us is a must...owning records is a must.

The art print is from Help Ink, a great site that donates it's earnings to charities in need. When you order you get to choose where your money goes. I donated that every $5 I spend goes to providing 5 years of clean drinking water to areas in need. Pretty cool. You can check out the donations, here.

Someday, I will get around to photographing our home.

Part one & tips for shopping smart, here. //

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