18 August 2013

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I thought I would share a sneak peek into our future home. Above are a few of the lovelies I have purchased so far. I love showing on my blog home products that I WANT, but now I can share products that I actually own! I love blogs that show stylish products at good prices...that's what I am all about...so I wanted to share so you can now run to the store and get any of the above.

I also, and more importantly, want to give some tips on how to shop smart. These tips may be some things you wise ladies already know, but I'm bettin' I will teach you a little something. Some tips for if you are starting from the beginning like we are, or tips that work if you are updating  or adding to what you have already.

My favorite shopping-for-the-home tips for smart and stylish homes...
1. Make a list of the most important things you need. Then when you know how much money you have to spend, you figure out how much you can spend on each of those products.
2. Search website after website for the best products with the best deals. KNOW what you want before you shop. Only buy the things you are certain of and the things you are not quite sure about wait until you feel like you found the right fit in your home.
3. Narrow down the style and colors of your home. This will help you save money and shop smart by not over buying several different styles that you will end up not wanting. It's really hard to narrow down a style or colors...but try and find out what is most important to you/what you really love the most and will be most happy with. Also, a style and colors that go with things you already own as well as things you will want to own for a long time.
4. Keep to your budget. If you splurge on an item that wasn't accounted for, you may need to adjust something else on your list so you can stay within your budget. I set up a separate checking account just for buying things for our home. {we needed a joint account anyway, so that account is starting off with this}
5. I wish when I was single I bought a little less decor items. I grew out of a lot of things I once bought. So I would suggest, if you are single...buy less! It's hard, but you will be happy you did.
6. Spend a little more on an item and get a. what you REALLY love and/or b. what is a better product. If you just by cheap and ignore style then you will waste money. You will hate the item in a year or so and then want to rebuy. If you plan it right in your budget you can get something a little nicer.
7. If you buy a product and then get it home and don't LOVE it or it doesn't 100% work in your design/room, go return it. Don't hold onto it.
8. See what products your family and friends have that they would recommend. That is how I decided on this vacuum. My sister Natalie has it and really likes it and having a recommendation is key for me. You don't have to get what they recommend, make sure it is something that fits your personal needs.
9. Etsy, duh. Tea towels, decor, blankets etc. Can cost a little more, but if you want something special and unique that fits your home..that's the place to go.
10. Pinterest, duh. Keep boards of products, styles you like and want. I have some secret boards so I can keep track of the products I want. It helps me stay organized and see products together.
11. GET A TARGET RED CARD! Get the debit 5% off card. It works as a debit card that's connected to your checking account. Saving 5% on small items doesn't feel like much, but every $ counts. AND saving 5% on big items, or a larger bill REALLY ads up. I have saved probably around $60 using this card. Also with this card you can get free shipping online with any amount you spend.
12. Sign up for the coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond. You can get 20% off an item right off the bat when you sign up. {I signed up a few of my email addresses so I could get a little stack of 20% off coupons}. I saved $40 on my pots and pans and I saved $20 on my silverware using these coupons. And I saved on the vacuum.
13. When searching deals, don't forget to check the website's/companies sales section. Sometimes I forget to look there.
14. Overstock.com has some great deals...still can be a little pricey, but they have the stylish things you want, but you may find them on sale there.
15. H&M home has some great pieces at great prices.
16. Don't forget to look at Ross. Ross has GREAT prices and stylish products for kitchenware. Also check out Marshalls, Home Goods etc. Places like that have pieces you need at good prices.
17. Amazon. You can find the products you love there at a better price. Not always, it depends.
18. Crate & Barel for the most part is pricey, but there are several kitchen items that are must haves that are reasonably priced.
19. Thrift stores, oh thrift stores. Don't buy things there just cus they are cheap. Still make sure it's something you MUST have and have a use for because it's still wasting money if you didn't really need it. Last week I almost bought a glass vase thing, but at the end I put it back. I just could not think of a use for it.
20. Craigslist. I don't always love what is listed on there, and mostly think it's a waste of time. BUT I did find one thing on there that I am thrilled about! {the stool} So if you want to take the time, be careful cus there is a lot of ugly junk on there!
21. Don't buy an Ikea sofa{or Target}. Spend a little more money and get a sofa that is going to last SEVERAL years and come with a good warranty. {our Ikea couch only lasted a little over a year then it broke. Dumb.}I got a GREAT deal on a sofa at Dania. I purchased a floor model sofa that was in crazy good condition and was much cheaper because it was sitting out there for a few months.
22. Ikea. Clearly they have some great and stylish pieces at a great price. Not only do they have some great pieces of furniture, but also some great little things like glasses, storage containers etc.

I think that about covers it. I have really taken a lot of time to find the best deals for the things I want most and have kept in my budget. If I splurged a little on something that I didn't plan on{Ohh Anthropologie you are going to make my kitchen pretty}, I just had to adjust my list of things I need so that I can still stay in my budget. This process has been lots of fun and these products are stacking up in my parents house. I canNOT wait to get into our apartment, September 2nd, and get this party started! However, I have been surprisingly patient with the waiting process. Good thing all the shopping and deal finding has kept my mind occupied. I hope some of these products and shopping tips have helped.

1. Pillow cover 2. Berry Box 3. Bookshelf 4. Set of 2 Chairs 5. Measuring Cup 6. Bowls 7. Dinner and Salad Plates 8. Velvet Pillow 9. Rug 10. Storage Bag 11. Mixing Bowls 12. Paula Deen Cooking Utensils 13. Pillow cover 14. Turkish Towels 15. Flatware 16. Stool{a bit different then the one pictured} 17. First Aid Box 18. {in White} Shower Curtain 19. Tea Towel 20. Mini Spatulas 21. Ice Cream Scoop 22. Blanket 23. Bath Towels 24. Vacuum 25. Pots and Pans Set



Allison said...

Um, can I move into your house? Please?

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Can't move in but you sure could visit!